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Ex-designer began in 2001 as a definition of Martí Guixé’s activity in the context of design, emerging as a consequence of the decontextualization attributed to his work. In 2002, together with Inga Knölke, it was presented for the evolutionäre zellen contest as a generic system, with the function of taking on a new status within a profession, in this way breaking free of the limits implied by the discipline.

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Ex-designer is in
Entença 3, 08015 - Barcelona
de dilluns a divendres, 18h a 23h
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Jornada 'Disseny i retail. Noves formes de vendre. Tot s'hi val?'
Dimarts, 29 de novembre de 2016
De 18.00h a 20.00h
BCD (edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona). Pl. de les Glòries, 37-38

El bar

Networking Night #02

20/10/2016 20:00h
Erik Kessels
Holland | Designer

Tenu Tast

Networking Night #01

19/02/2016 19:00h
Pietro Corraini
Milano-Mantova | Publisher

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El bar

Un bar en construcció amb impressores 3D a Barcelona
TV report Carolina Rosich for TN TV3

Un bar en construcció amb impressores 3D a Barcelona

What is an Ex-Designer?
The concept of Ex-Designer came about in 2001 to define Martí Guixé’s work in the field of design and as a result of the decontextualization that his work is met with. In 2002, together with Inga Knölke, the concept was presented at the Evolutionäre Zellen (Berlin) contest as a generic system that confers a new status within the profession and, in this sense, allows the transcendence of limits that are imposed by the discipline. Currently Ex-Designer has become a movement. What is Ex-Designer?

El bar

Ex-Designer is a project that takes place in a space in Carrer Entença 3, in Barcelona, and which has the form of a bar. The Ex-Designer space started off as a completely bare interior that was slowly printed (printing began on 5 November 2015). The space will be completed with pieces that will be printed until the end of the work: from the inner space to the equipment used in the bar (glasses, plates and utensils for cocktails and for the kitchen). The internal space is made from PLA, a grey corn-starch based material. The glasses and utensils are printed in modified ABS, adapted and certified for gastronomic and medical use. According to my calculations, the 90 m2 area will be completely finished in two years, even if in my studio I am accused of optimism, adjusting my prediction and adding a year to the estimated finish time of the works. Once the tools and the internal parts have been printed, the machines will be used to print food. It is expected that these edible prints, even if they are still in beta, will start with “SPAMT” in February 2017 (the bread with tomato that was presented at the Galleria H2O in Barcelona in February 1997), exactly 20 years after the first Food Design.

El bar

The objectives faced by the Ex-Designer are, on one hand, to build a new perception of design, which starts from technology, innovation and fiction, defining a new relationship between culture, art and business. On the other, it seeks to set up and consolidate the new parameters of the creative class. The Ex-Designer compares aesthetics and function in products of experiential character. It proposes the “business model” as a new artistic discipline. It experiments with the most radical form of Food Design.

El bar

It evaluates the behaviour of the design discipline in the context of micro-production (and not artisan). It tests new formats of products and new products. It sets up a new international style. It reconstructs the photographic image of everyday life and its rituals and it takes concepts such as “collaborative economies” and “crowdfunding.”

What is the Ex-Designer BAR?
It is a bar that is open from 6 pm to 11 pm from Monday to Friday.

What is the Ex-Designer Project BAR?
It is a platform in which various activities overlap, which are associated with the parameters mentioned above and which take the following formats: symposiums, networking, experimentation, action, investigation...

The project, something which is essentially incomplete, constantly implemented and designed, is open to changes and transformations, as well as new proposals that could enrich and complete its spirit.

L’ex –designer comença amb un espai interior despullat, i s’imprimeix amb 3 impressores 3d des del dia 1 fins al final dels treballs. Aquesta impressió es de l'espai interior, i de tots els utensilis del bar: gots, copes, plats i estris.

L'espai interior està fet amb PLA, un material gris a base de midó de blat de moro, i les copes i utensilis amb un material apte per a gastronomía i elements mèdics, de configuració translúcida.

Es calcula que el local de 90 m2 s’imprimirà en la seva totalitat a 2 anys vista.

Un cop acabats els treballs d’impressió d’utensilis e interior, es destinaran les impressores a treballs d’impressió de menjar. Aquestes impressions d'objectes comestibles estan previstes que comencin amb el “SPAMT” (el pà amb tomàquet dissenyat que es va presentar a la galeria H2O de Barcelona al Febrer del 1997) al Febrer del 2017, just 20 anys després del primer food design.

L’ex–designer estarà obert cada dia de dilluns a divendres, de 18 a 23h

Tot el que es servirà serà especial i experimental.

Els objectius de L’ex–designer son els de construir una nova percepció del disseny basada en un valor cultural que es configura a partir de la tecnologia, la innovació i la ficció, definint una nova relació entre la cultura, l'art i el comerç.

Els paràmetres son:
Posar en confrontació estètica i funció. Proposar el “bussines model” com a nova disciplina de les arts. Experimentar la forma mes radical del Food Design. Testar el comportament de la disciplina del disseny dins el context de la microproducció (no de la artesania). Posar a proba nous formats de producte i nous productes. Configurar un nou estil internacional. Reconstruir la imatge fotogràfica de lo quotidià i dels seus rituals i portar als extrems nous conceptes com "collaborative economies" i crowdfounding.

L’ex–designer es un projecte de Martí Guixé i Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes S.L.

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